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      About us
      Zhejiang ruian gear factory is a professional shaving, grinding, the size of the module gear, gear shaving, honing, grinding, generating units, over the years, we insist on the tenet of "pay attention to quality, customer supremacy of credibility", carry out comprehensive quality management, improve product class, with excellent quality, reasonable prices, to adapt to the changing market, we sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to choose, and to establish long-term friendly relations of cooperation, will develop the magnificent future together.

      Main products: tapered teeth, drum teeth, sector teeth, elliptical teeth, double teeth, straight teeth, helical teeth, internal teeth, spiral teeth, herringbone teeth, synchronous gears, sprockets, etc! Anilox roll gear, plate stick gear, oil pump gear, turbine, gearbox, gear processing, flexographic printing machine complete gear.
      About us
      About us
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      Contact us
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      Add:This industrial zone,Ruian,Zhejiang  Mobile:+86-13758792998  Tel:+86-0577-65120181   
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